Cisco UCS Invicta Storage – How to Provision a LUN to ESX Host

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I am writing this post to show the process on how to provision LUN’s from Cisco UCS Invicta  to ESX host in 3 steps hope you enjoy the post.


  1.  Create a default LUN and add MAP ID 0 ‘zero’ when ever you are provisioning a new ESX  rule of thumb for Invicta is add a default lun  lun0_ default with MAP ID 0
  2. Keep all the LUN’s with the same MAP id on each host when provisioning them. ( Caution : If you do not give the same MAP ID for a LUN which is already provisioned and the lun has VM running. The LUN comes up as a new lun to be added to VMware so the Administrator if he is not aware of this issue may end up formating it assuming its a new LUN to provision using VMFS 5.
  3. You need to remember that you can right click and drag and drop luns to map them.

In our environment I have created a default lun with 10 GB and never provision this on VMware, however always add this default lun first  with MAP ID 0 to any ESX host you want to provision.

Login to the invicta with admin or superuser account.

Step 1: Creating a LUN

Click on LUN Configuration and LUNs and Click on Create LUN

 1.LUN Page

As I have mentioned in the Notes at the top that we need to first create a default lun which is what I am creating below. just fill in the details I call it lun0_default

Create a Default lun0

The size of this lun can even be 1 GB as you are not going to use this lun . I have put 10 GB a I have 65 TB of thin provisioned disk and I am not going to provision this lun its just what is recommended by Cisco documentation to have a default  lun 0 provisioned on each host with MAP ID 0

Create LUN Page

I have created another LUN of 1 TB calling it lun1 as shown below


Step 2.  Adding a Host Initiator Group

Click on LUN Configuration and Initiator Groups and Click on Create New Group

Initiator Group

Give the server name or if you have 10 esx host to provision the full storage you can call the group and add all the iqn numbers there. – click on Create Group

Host Name

After the group is created you will find it as shown below, you can right click and see the options you can perform. We need to Add Initiator to this group. In this case I am going to add only one esx host. Copy the iqn number of from the esx host and add it.

 Initiator Group -add iqn

To get the IQN if you are using the iSCSI initiator you can go to the host Click on Configuration tab and click on Storage Aadapters and right click and create iscsi adapter. Copy the IQN number.

You will also need to add the iSCSI target ( Invicta iSCSI target)  in the Dynamic Discovery tab

ESX- Host

Once you get the IQN number copy the IQN number and past it in the WWPN/IQN field below and then you should be ready to provision LUNS.

add initiator to esx-01

It will look like this iqn

Step 3: Provisioning LUNS to the ESX Host 

To map a LUN right click the esx-01 Initiator Group you have just added and select the second option Map/Unmap Luns

mapping lun

This will take you to a next screen where you will see Avalable LUNs to be added at the bottom and provisioned luns on the top as shown below:


As I have mentioned in the Note that we can drag and drop luns you can select lun0_default and prop it on the top space to provision it. At this point it will automatically assign the lun0_defualt lun the MAP ID 0 .

Click Create 

map id 0

Always add the default lun  in my example lun0_default first to every esx host or Initiator Group and give it MAP ID 0, remember this is recommended by Cisco.

After adding this you can go ahead and add any number of map id however remember to keep the MAP id unique for each lun to avoid problems with lun coming up as unformatted.

So this is how you will find after provisioning both the luns keep in mind to have the same lun number and map id number to keep it simple as shown below:

after adding luns

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