CISCO UCS Firmware Update Process

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Recently Cisco has released yet another release of the Cisco UCS firmware version 3.0.

This version of firmware is for 6324 Fabric Interconnect and  B200 M3, C220 M3, and C240 M3 servers.updatestarted

This is released on 24-JUL-2014, you can find more details on the release notes for this firmware version:

Just to give everyone an idea there are two from of Firmware that needs to be updated on UCS system

1. Infrastructure Firmware

In Infrastructure Software firmware we update the firmware of the following

  • Cisco UCS Manager software
  •  Kernel and system firmware for the fabric interconnects
  •  I/O module firmware

2. Server Firmware

Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server Software Bundle

  • CIMC firmware
  • BIOS firmware
  • Adapter firmware
  • Board controller firmware
  • Third-party firmware images required by the new server

This also includes the firmware of Adapter, BIOSFC Adapters,  HBA Option ROM, Storage, Controller, Local Disk

Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount UCS-Managed Server Software BundleCIMC firmware

  • BIOS firmware
  • Adapter firmware
  • Board controller firmware
  • Third-party firmware images required by the new server

So,  without wasting any time these are the steps to follow:

Step One

  1. Create an all Configuration Backup
  2. Verifying HA status of Fabric Interconnects ( as we do not have any compute it should not affect us in anyway)
  3. Verifying the status of I/O Modules
  4. Verifying the Status of the Servers and Adaptors
  5. Download Firmware Images to the Fabric Interconnect.


Step Two

  1. Disable the Call Home ( Email alerts for reboot)
  2. Updating the Firmware on the Adapters, CIMCs and IOMs


If the Service profiles are configured using host/management firmware policy this will create an error and we might need to think of Plan B (If we do not get any error message we can progress with upgrade)


  1. Activating the Firmware on the Adapters
  2. Activating the Firmware on the CIMCs
  3. Activating the Board Controller Firmware
  4. Activating the I/O Modules
  5. Activating the Subordinate Fabric Interconnect Firmware
  6. Making the primary FI the Subordinate by login to FI ssh to the primary and to make it subordinate first check

# connect local-mgmt


FI-01-A(local-mgmt)# show cluster extended-state

Cluster Id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Start time: Mon Jun 23 14:41:56 2014

Last election time: Tue Oct  7 11:54:01 2014





A: memb state UP, lead state SUBORDINATE, mgmt services state: UP

B: memb state UP, lead state PRIMARY, mgmt services state: UP

   heartbeat state PRIMARY_OK



eth1, UP

eth2, UP



Detailed state of the device selected for HA storage:

Chassis 1, serial: xxxxx, state: active

Chassis 2, serial: xxxxx, state: active

Chassis 3, serial: xxxxx, state: active


In my case as shown above FI B is the Primary so I can connect t0 FI B with hte below command .


FI-01-A(local-mgmt)# connect local-mgmt B

# cluster lead A

  1. Activating the Primary Fabric Interconnect Firmware


Step Three

  1. Listing the BIOS Upgrade Versions
  2. Create a Host Firmware Package
  3. Applying the Host Firmware Package
  4. Enabling Call Home.


Additional Notes


Prerequisite for Firmware update

Process of Upgrading and Activating the Firmware

UCS Firmware deep dive


You can also find the process of upgrading on this youtube video

its broken down into 3 steps.

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  1. Ibrahim, nice post. I thought it should be noted that the 3.0 version of the firmware is for use with the 6324 Fabric Interconnect and supported B200 M3, C220 M3, and C240 M3 servers.

    1. Hi Bill Thanks for the comment once again, I have now updated the post with bit more info about the Infrastructure and Server firmware. I hope this will help users to understand the firmware update process in a better way.

  2. Thanks Bill, I have added the release note which has all the details you told me, However its a good Idea to put it as a note that this version is supported on following products. I will update the post accordingly.

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