Put Ubuntu Release Candidate on Test – Version 10.10

Just spent some time installing the New RC edition of Ubuntu 10.10 also known as Maverick Meerkat. First thing that impressed me is the installation which took just 10 minutes, after giving some basic information and creating a standard user along with the system name.

I installed it on Vmware platform with only 512 mb of memory and 20 GB virtual disk space.

Installing Ubuntu on VMware Player

The system runs very smooth on such less configuration, the amazing thing even after the full install only 2.5 GB of disk space is utilized.    Continue reading “Put Ubuntu Release Candidate on Test – Version 10.10”

Memory Support in Windows – Kernal v User Virtual Addressing

Last week I was on a workshop by Microsoft it was for troubleshooting performance issues on Servers.

One of the interesting thing which I came across in the workshop was about the memory management  and the way Windows handles the memory.

By default Windows allocate’s virtual address space to User mode and Kernal mode, Windows assumes that it has 4 gb of virtual address space and it splits it into two half.

ie. 2 GB virtual address space to Kernal and 2 GB virtual address space to User

We can tweak it and  allocate virtual address space to programs 1 GB to the kernel and to executive component.

This is how you can do it:

First un-hide the hidden files and folder make sure you unhidden the Operating system files too.

on the root directory ie C drive you will find boot.ini file take a backup of it on keep it safe.

Edit boot.ini and add \3GB at the end Continue reading “Memory Support in Windows – Kernal v User Virtual Addressing”

How to Virtualize Your Computer

Last Friday I have virtualized my Windows XP Laptop, before I start telling you guys, how its done I think its worth mentioning why I need to do it?

We normal Virtualize the physical server that are very old and start getting faults very often or they are too big for us to keep in our data centres.

I have dual booted my laptop with Windows 7 ’64 bit’ edition, Which works brilliant. However Win7 is as this is 64 bit version of Windows I had to work around quite a few applications which I use on daily basis to get them work on Win7.
However the most important software which I need to work from home is the vpn client provided by CISCO. The VPN client is yet to be rewritten for Win ’64 bit’ CPU. As a result I could not use Win7 to work from home, as I was unable to install VPN client to deil.

Now you can guess why I virtualized my Windows XP OS. Continue reading “How to Virtualize Your Computer”

Get started by RSS / XML join in the revolution!

In the recent years we have seen webmasters trying different methods to keep their content updated. RSS (“Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summery”), is widely used to deliver content to your website users without any restriction.

For marketing your website and promoting it to target audience, you need creative strategies that build brand awareness, increase site traffic, and ensure that you are the best around in giving quality content. And RSS lets you do it with conviction.

Using RSS for marketing can help you integrate your website with your other marketing initiatives, develop winning strategies to drive targeted users to your site and in the process increase overall traffic and sales. I am sure most of us might have used this before.

RSS Feeds are made in XML format, this XML file can be made very easily all by your self if you’re a programmer, as I’m sure XML is much easier then any other programming language. But if you don’t have any idea how to go about with the programming part, there are websites who can help you in making your own RSS Feed for your website, all you got to do is make an account on there website, they will guide you through some sequence of steps and your RSS Feed will be ready to get published. Continue reading “Get started by RSS / XML join in the revolution!”

Thinking of upgrading your phone? iPhone or Samsung Galaxy ‘S’

I have been using iPhone since good few months now and have recently bought the Samsung Galaxy S for my lovely wife.

Galaxy S has Google Android OS, It has got some cool features like swipe which makes a lot easy for texting and writing emails I have to admit I miss Swipe feature on iPhone. We get the Navigation free of cost powered by Google.

Galaxy S has got some cool applicaitons like Thinkfree which lets you share and read documents. it has also got Augmented Reality browser, e-book, office, allshare etc.

Some of the things which I like about this phone area :

  • Very light weight 118g
  • Dimension 64.2 x 122.4 x 9.9mm larger touch screen phone then iPhone
  • HD vedio recording and payback.
  • 5 Mega Pix
  • It comes with 16 GB internal memory with an external memory option to add  microSD(upto 32 GB)

Anyway guys check out for yourself….


Windows 7 Awesome again!

Although I had a bitter experience with beta version of win7, I cannot stress how much windows 7 has improved from beta to the on the shelf product.

When comparing with  the nightmares of resource hungry  Windows Vista  which can only be compared with windows ME edition,  I am now convinced that Win 7 is the next best product after Win XP. And I am sure most of you who have started using Windows 7 can’t imagine going back to XP again.

As you might be aware that Microsoft always has different versions of products available for his customers, I have highlighted few features which can help you decide which version is best for you.

I hope this will help you decide which one is best for you!


Windows 7 awesome! offsome?

Hi again!

You guys might be amazed to see me back so soon J

Not too long ago, I had my hands on Windows 7 (7000 build) At first like any Windows Operating System it looked very impressive the first thing that impressed me was the really beautiful graphics,  but again everything that glitters is not gold. I am not going to give you all the insights, I am just  sharing my brief experience about  Windows 7. One of the main reason I have started this blog is to share my experiences. As always I never keep my expectation high on a beta realise.

I heard that Windows server give better performance from Vista with very less CPU and Memory usage.

On my first look I was impressed with the new features and the fact that it was not crashing, by causing a memory leak or bottle neck to my amazement this was running smoothly.

Any new operating system and particularly with beta testing you have to be very careful of what you are planning to use and if it is compatible with all the hardware.

Things I don’t like in Windows 7 and Vista :

Control Panel: most of the items in the control panel is renamed, I can’t understand why Microsoft started renaming the stuff.

Side Bar: The famous side bar which still used more than 100 Mb of memory.  Guys this can also have memory leaks depending on Gadgets you are using so please be careful.

Performance: the performance when compare to windows vista is very similar on the same hardware.  However I have noticed that we it does give a little more performance.

Speaking of performance I have noticed that the tool perfmon  does not show any advanced features its the same sort of feel which you get in Vista. Frankly speaking I think Microsoft have not done a great deal of work on Windows 7, it’s the same Kernel as Vista some features of Server 2008.

As a matter of fact I was reading on Randall C. Kennedy article posted back in October 2008 and He thinks its just Vista R2 and I totally agree with him.

As a best practice always dual boot the operating you’re testing. You never know when it gives the very famous BOD (blue screen of death) and when it does you have something to relay on.

Anyway the Os was still running with no problems up until,  I download a copy of Freebsd and when I wanted to burn the  ISO Image (Guys this is where it all become Offsome form awesome ) Ok this is where it all started going wrong….

I installing the Nero CD burner, just after installing the usual process it asked me to  rebooted the Laptop.

 and guess what


Blue screen of death

I tried to reboot with the Last known good configuration but it was no joy.

Then I decided to run the full scan as it was suggesting me to do, in the middle of the scan it gave me a note of some corrupted files and was completely frozen.

So this is how I gave up using the Windows 7, thanks to dual booting I was still able to use my laptop J

 If you had any nightmaire’s from Windows 7 which blew off your mind feel free to comment.

Where in the World is Ibrahim Quraishi?


I haven’t had a chance to write a new post in a while because I’ve been busy working at Orange. I am mostly involved in managing and maintaining Microsoft Windows 2k and 2k3, however we still have some of the legacy WinNT 4.0 nightmares every now and then. I have been working on HP Open View Operations version 8 involving some auditing on our servers.

I have finally become Expert in configuration of iLo Management Boards for the HP Bladservers also have had training by HP for HP BladeSystem Administrator

I am also quite keen on learning to use the magic of BladeLogic, ( running jobs for package deployments)

Apart from that I’ve been playing with VM Ware ESX server and also the VM Ware Infrastructure 2.0 managing quite a lot Virtual Machines, should admit Virtualization is really good fun. I am looking forward for training on VM Ware which will give me an insight how this technology mingles with the physical hardware.

In my spare time I have started working on Linux Administration, I have recently build a CentOS Server which is the exact binary of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Not to forget that this is a free distribution unlike RHEL, the good thing about this Linux version is this is quite robust unlike Fedora family.

My next experiment on another famous brand of Unix system called FreeBSD, Although it took me considerable amount of time to figure out the terminology of the Operation system itself.

Yes how can I forget to mention!  just creating a simple user is also a nightmare on this Unix flavor. Thus I have decided that I will be loyal to Mr Red Hat. J

In addition to this, I have few trainings lined up which I am looking forward for.

Microsoft Windows 2003, February 23 -27, London, UK

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, March 17- 20, Bristol, UK

Virtualization VM Ware, April, Reading, UK

Finally before I my end my blog today some updates on my personal,  I recently got engaged on 26 Jan, yeh that’s right India’s Republic  day.

More update on my wedding which is not too far will be coming soon. …

If you wish to contact me or have any comments feel free.

Get more done by working Smarter!

Working as a System Analyst is very exiting job, but if your not smart enough! It can become a little boring.

let me give you a simple example, I was doing some of the housekeeping of the Servers that we support, which involved me to do a series of task on each Server, you might be thinking that’s not a big deal !

well reconsider it once more  if you have to do that task 300 times, the same steeps on all the Servers (if you have 300 Servers) or if you have to do a task several time a day on few Servers, Now that  can get very tedious job, and off course can become boring too.

the only solution around this problem  is scripting or Coding or Programming.

Ok hang on are you one of the guy who likes to keep away form programming like me ?

Well in all honesty,  I use to say that programming is not my peace of cake as I am a system Admin, but let me give you another example.  As you’re the Administrator you are been told to create a user account for a new starter, well if he just needs the domain access your job is very easy as you just need to create one user at the Active directory dome controller. But if you need to give him logon locally access you have to create a local account on each of the Server, if you have  300 Servers, then its not wise to logon each server and careate a user.

Ok now you will need a method or a script to do that job for you, You do not need to be an expert to do it, you should just know, want to be done.

Dint get it ?

I know scripting sounds scary isn’t it,  don’t worry you do not need to learn every thing, Scripting is very simple, its a set of commands which you want to do. If your very lucky you can find a ready to use code on the internet, all you got to do now is download it and edit it according to your need then please do not forget to test before you implement. once your convinced that the script is doing the exact job as you wanted.


Believe me it does make our life a lot easy

so if your need to do a task more then once which can take 10 minutes each time you do it.

Try to write a Script.

if you  have to do a series of admin tasks on several computers

 Try to write a script

If you want to run a particular task at a time when you wont be in the office or it simply does not need any monitoring.

Again try to write a script.

just write a simple script and keep it. so wheen you need to do it again you can just execute that code and it will do it for you

Magic isn’t it J

Ok this is how you can work smatter rather then harder

I have gathered some useful links which is worth watching.

Special thanks to my friend Nathan who has not only given me this idea but helped me by going through some of the scripts which he wrote earlier, now I have managed to do the same task with in a matter of minutes just by working smarter.

Hear are some of the links you can find useful other wise just use Google



You will find a lot of new scripting tools like windows Power Shell, and other useful software and technical articles for making the Admin task easy by scripting

Microsoft TechNet :



Scripting: Your First Steps



The most popular Gadgets today? Our Handheld


Today I am doing a research on mobile Phones, as I am going to upgrade my mobile very soon, hay that’s an advantage working in a Mobile company, you get to upgrade to the top of the range phone for free! not really.

 In all honesty I should say every one at work was looking for the new handset to upgrade as our CEO (Tom Alexander) promised to give all Orange employees new handsets.

I am specifically interested in the smart phones, one of the most popular smart device is the Blackberry, in case you don’t know who makes them, its Research In Motion, also known as RIM.


Blackberry Mobile phones are very common today because they support push email technology, mobile telephone, text messaging, Internet faxing, web browsing


 If you’re a person who needs access to his important email, on the move, then its the right choice.

As blackberry can give you the access to your emails, prity much any place, example in your home, office, or even if your just stuck in the traffic congestion, you can access your important mail email where every you get a network coverage.


 Another unique feature of Blackberry is all the data sent or received by the device is in a compressed format which is decompressed and then shown to the user, so this feature not only saves you time of download but also saves you decent amount of money, anyway  for me my Boss  pays the bills so lets not bother about it.


But the phone which stuck my eye is the HTC Diamond, I am not a big fan of HTC mobiles, as they use to be so big, I remember my work mates started bugging me, asking me if I got my brick today, well all I wanted to tell is it was too big to be called a Mobile phone, you can call it a phone but in all honestly it was no near to Mobile.

well things has changed now as the Touch Diamond is the lates device from HTC which not only looks good but works swiftly even though it has the MS Windows Mobile O/S. well that’s really amazing isn’t it ?


HTC have not only managed to give the device  sleek look but have packed it up with really amazing features,

to start with as its running windows Mobile it has a good user friendly interface,  runs windows mobile 6.1 which makes it more robust. As it has 4 Gb internal memory, lest hope that it does not freeze due to lack of memory, it comes with 3.15 MP camera, a GPS receiver and also support push email technology. and off course has all the features of PDA/ Organizer.

OK  so the bottom line is this is prity much a computer!

yes but with a missing mice isn’t it ?

Ok now you guys would be thinking why  don’t I talk about the I Phone. just to remind you that Orange do not sell the I Phone in the UK, what a shame!

Ok, just before you go don’t forget to have a look the you tube video demo of the black beauty Diamond, hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this article.

well guys its time to go to bed now good bye and sleep tight.



(if you want to have know more about htc touch diamond you can logon to www.htc.com )

(if you want to have know more about blackberry you can logon to www.blackberry.com )

before i go let me tell you some thing all my colleague are intrested only in the new  HTC touch diamond, so do not want to be left behind.

well if you guys have any suggestions or comments please feel free to use the box below ‘Submit Comment’.