Citrx XenApp on VMware Cloning Best Practices

It will not sound new if I say that Citrix XenApp server is deployed on a VMware ESXi /vSphere, as VMware is proven tested production.
I was recently tasked to clone a Citrix XenApp server for a new project, then add it back to the same XenApp Farm.

I had to use XenPrep to strip down the SID and GUID and to make it a clean new machine to add it to XenApp Farm.

Prerequisite after Cloning the server:

  1. Isolate the network
  2. login from local Admin account Administrator / pwd
    Remove from domain
    Change the server name
    Change IP address
    Might need to reboot the Server
  3. enable the Xenprep service if its disabled change it to manual and start
    Copy the Xenprep.msi file
    Install Xen prep
    If you have to add it back to the Citrix farm we need to strip down all the SID’s
  4. xenprep.exe \XenApp ;
    after the command does its job.
  5. Add it back to the domain
  6. reboot the server

What you shoul see:
you will Citrix IMA error that the service was started and stoped or did not start etc.
if you try to enabel the service it will not start.
you will find the server will not be added to the Citrix farm
The Independent Management Architecture (IMA) service fails to start.

IMA service is not started.
start ->; Run ->; cmd

run the “dsmaint recreatelhc” command

once the fix is executed you should see the server on the Citrix farm