How to extend the ‘C: Drive’ system partion, without rebooting 2003 server

Hey Guys,

I am sure many of us being Systems Administrator have struggled at time to keep the free space on Servers. especially the system partition on Windows 2003 Server right ?

Even after deleting the log files, some how the OS grows as it has to get its monthly security updates from Microsoft and other software installs .. etc.

I know, most people try to use DiskPart command line utility, but it does not work on the system partition or I should say OS partition in lay man’s term.

In the new OS like Windows 2008 pr 2008 R2 etc., we don’t need to worry about this as the OS has new feature to shrink or expand the system partition with out rebooting the server. which mean no down time.

So, how can we expand or extend the NTFS formatted C drive on 2003 Server with out rebooting it?

Solution is a utility called ExtPart from Dell. its a simple command line utility easy to use tool to expand or extend the size of your C drive provided you have more disk space or another partition that is un-formated.

Dell Basic Disk Expansion
The ExtPart utility provides support for online volume expansion of NTFS formatted basic disks. This is a self extracting file that will install the extpart.exe utility. No reboot is necessary.
Please note some people think that ExtPart does not work on 64 bit OS of Windows 2003, but just to let you know it does work, its just the extractable binary is only 32 bit so it will give you an error that its a 32 bit application if you execute it on a 64 bit windows.
I have used it recently, deployed a virtual machine from a template, the template had the OS installed on only 20 GB. I added more size to the HDD from the data store, from the windows side in the disk management I can see the raw partition, all I had to do is create a new partition and used the dell ExtPart follow the steps and I will extend the C drive, you will not need to reboot the server.

The solution is to extract the binary after downloading on a 32 bit OS and use it on a 64 bit OS and its work.

Their you go! you can now expand the C drive with out rebooting the OS šŸ™‚

the link given below takes you to Dell website what has the ExtPart utility :

Hope you find my post useful and if you have any question please feel free to comment below.

A Bold step in Virtualization

Hi Guys,

I think I have takenĀ  a Bold step as throughout my carrier I was revolving around telecommunication, and use to think that IT is more evolving in telecommunications than any other sectors…

After getting VCP certification, I was looking around if I can get new role that is more in design and delivery rather then just support.Ā  I updated my CV on few famous jobsites andĀ  Linkedin, there I was getting lots of emails and calls from the agencies 8) . I ended up hidingĀ  my CV from recruiters and started looking for the jobs which I am interested in. I narrowed down few companies and job that I wanted to do moving forward.

I applied for this role which was more in VMware and Citrix as the title was very catchy Ā Ā Virtualization Data Center Consultant at Clinical Solutions Capita Clinical Solutions.

Well as the name suggest they are an accusation of Capita group, Capita Health division, they provide Secure Hosting, Managed Services and N3 connectivity designed for healthcare, NHS and NHS Direct and other health companies. In this new role I amĀ  focused on design and delivery of products through private cloud giving SAAS (Software asĀ  a Service ), and PAAS (Platform asĀ  a Service) using the cutting edge technology’s available in the market today!

So my Ā thinking that IT is more evolving in telecommunications than any other sectors was wrong !!!

After working for nearly 2 weeks in my new role, I have seen the best use of technology money can buy and the best part is I’m among the one designing it šŸ˜€ .