Test Drive ‘Windows 8 Relealse Preview’

Hi Guys,

Since few months I have been using Release Candidate of Windows 8, and decided to Switch to the Release Preview Evaluation Build 8400 recently, I have to admin that,  Microsoft improved a lot of features from RC edition. Hence why I decided to write this post about my views.

Some important fact’s Microsoft has changed a lot of stuff from the the traditional Windows OSes. I guess as Windows 8 is also a Tablet OS they wanted to bring a big change in it.

First of all let me remind you that Windows 8 is still build on the existing Windows 7 which has proved to be robust. Unlike Vista which non of the enterprises bothered to touch , However you will find it different in many ways as , its way smarter  then Windows 7. (Honestly I am not kidding!!!)

You no longer have programs its all about ‘App’s ‘. (don’t worry they are just renamed to App’s)

Don’t be surprised if you cant see the start menu as the old Window XP or the existing Win 7, its been changed to the new tile’s look which gives you live content, example I have my email, and like twitter, facebook, linkedin etc..  at one convenient  place social network HUB and it has all the current live updates running. So … I don’t need to login to check what my mates are up to I can see that at a glance.

I have been testing it on my laptop which has Core 2 Duo Intel Processor and 6 Gig of Memory, and I have done a lot of testing on it and loved the way it works.

Start Menu

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Successfully completed my VMware Certified Professional certification!

Hi Folks,

I am very exited to inform that I have completed my VMware certification in vSphere 5. I have to admit the training provided by HP was good Insight for few features.

One of the pre-requisites of VCP 5 examination is to get official training form VMware authorized partner. I attended my training from HP.

Let me share my experience for the VCP examination – First of all I am not allowed to disclose any exam questions I have accepted a NDA with VMware before starting my VCP exam.

If you have previously worked on old versions of VMware vSphere product, then it will be very helpful to adapt the new VMware vSphere 5 product.
However if you are trying to get into the cloud computing and are serious about VMware product then the training will be helpful.

I would suggest that you try to install the product on your on create a virtual lab and practice features, the material you will be getting once you enrol for the VMware course will be good place to check if you get stuck.

We have a lot of forums around if you do a quick google search you should be able to quick resolve the issue.

As always you can post the question to me using the contact page I have on the blog and I will do my best to answer it.

About the exam :
Once the exam is started VMware will be asking 8 survay questions.

This is to get an idea of your level of understanding with the product on diffrent fetures of the vSphere etc.

Time: the exam time is 90 minutes, however if you are giving the VCP exam from a non english speaking countery, where english is not the native lavanguage.

Exam: like any other exam if you have given at any vue center the environment is similar.

For VMware you will be getting 80 to 85 questions on the VCP 5 exam, maybe 10 to 12 which will be exabits that you need understand and answer.

the entire exam is multiple choise, on some questions they will ask you to chose 2 or chose 3 right answers.

Once the exam is fineshed you can review the questions.
The exam is out of 500 and the passing score is 300.

I very pleased to inform that I scored 450 / 500.

A very big thanks to everyone who helped me in becoming V C P.

I’m planing for VCAP shortly, will keep you guys posted

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Microsoft System Center Orchestrator Installation on Windows Server 2012

Hi Folks,
Finally I got some time to write the post for installing  Microsoft System Center Orchestrator(Beta) 2012, I have installed this on Windows Server 2012 datacentre  (Beta edition) as I have been testing it for a while now. (download link for SCCM 2012:  http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/system-center/default.aspx )

Please go through the pre-requisite documentation for more detail information on installation of SCCM and good luck finding it J

According to my experience their are the 3 main pre requirements

  1. .NET 3.5 or above
  2. MS SQL Server ( I have installed MS SQL Server 2008 Express edition ) please go through my post on how to install SQL for SCCM
  3. Firewall ports need to be unlock

To be honest once you get the SQL installed and configured in the way I have shown on my recent post : http://quraishi.wordpress.com/2012/08/07/microsoft-sql-server-2008-express-for-system-center-configuration-manager-sccm/

There is very little to worry about, the installation of SCCM should be very swift.

Just to define few terms which I will be using in my post / screenshots

Server Name: SIZMIC1

Domain Name: Sizmic

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VMware Strategic Acquisitions in 2012, and counting …

VMware has been doing a lot of acquisitions since past few years, which are complementing their core product of cloud Infrastructure.

Starting from Cetas Software On 24 April 2012, California based company, was founded the 18 months ago. Cetas offers unique Instant Intelligence for online businesses by providing real-time analytics that help business users gain insights and visibility into their customer/audience behaviour.

Sudhakar Muddu, co-founder wanted to provide a way for companies to sift through “massive amounts of data” to identify “core customers” and make sure that they “come back every day”http://www.cetas.net/

The second acquisition was Wanova Inc which was completed on May 22 2012,  Wanova was founded in January 2008 by Ilan Kessler and Issy Ben-Shaul, previously co-founders of Actona Technologies. The company provides cloud based, centralized and endpoint management recovery solution to enable IT departments to address the task of deploying desktop virtualization to a growing worldwide. http://www.wanova.com/

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Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Express Installation for System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Hi this post is focused on installing SQL Express server ( which is a free distrubation from Microsoft) customised for Installing Microsoft System Center Confiruration Manager.

The first step you need before installing the SCCM product is to get the My SQL 2008 Installed and running. However the installation is a little diffrent to be able to allow the SCCM to connect to SQL Database instance.

Once you launch the setup you will find it extracting all the required files then you will see the below screen chose the Install tab

Note I have install this on my C Drive, however its highly recommended to keep the SQL Database setup on a different partition.

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