FTP Error: 227 Entering Passive Mode.

We recently had a requirement of a new Windows Server for an existing Project that my Colleague supports,  so I was asked to look into it, eventually ended up delivering  it myself and supporting the solution too.

I had to  repurpose one of the server which was due for decommissioning , After rebuilding the server according to the 3rd Party specification. I had to  enable data transfer from a LINUX server to a Windows  Server 2003 Enterprise box which I have rebuilt.

Which is not a big deal; I setup the FTP Server on the Windows box. After setting up the FTP server on the Windows 2003 server, I tried to test it from the Linux server and unfortunately it did not work.

I was able to setup a FTP connecting after user  authentication, the only command I could run successfully was pwd  which shows the current Working Directory.

When I gave the command to list  the files on the windows server with dir or ls -la as windows can understand both the command the server was giving an error message Entering Passive mode and the cursor blinking.  I had to intrupt the connection using CTRL +Z  key. Continue reading “FTP Error: 227 Entering Passive Mode.”

It Takes Two to Tango, Free Mobile Video Calls on iPhone and Android

Today I am going to show you a new way to make Video Calling. As we all know video calling is very common on computers, However we did not have a free video calling application on Mobiles. I know what YOU might be thinking about  …. Apple has FaceTime which allows you to do Video Calling.

But what if you want  to make a video call to a phone other than the iPhone?

Well I have been testing a new App for iPhone and Android (on Samsung Galaxy S ) called Tango  (www.tango.me) this allows us to make free Video Calling on these two smartphones using the Wi-Fi connection or the cellar network using the data plan.

Once you install the application from the App store for iPhone you need to give some general information to register along with you mobile number and should be good to Tango,  with anyone in your contact list who is login on Tango.  ( Note you do not need to go through with a long registration process ) Tango is also available on Android Market place to download for free.

Tango uses Mobile number to search in its data-base, and once it finds any of your phone book contact it allows you to call that person.

Tango is very easy to use, when we make a call first  it starts a voice call and allows you to enable and disable the Video call any time during the conversation. As iPhone 3GS does not have a front facing camera it uses the rare camera when video is enabled. (I have also noticed that once you start the Video the Speaker is automatically enabled so that you can listen to the other party when taking the video)

After using Tango, I think  Tango is  brings a new face to Mobile Video Calling. Tango is definitely giving a next step-up for  connecting family’s and friends together for free.

Some Features of  Tango:

  • Free high quality mobile video calls over 3G and wi-fi, iPhone to Android and other Smartphones.
  • Show whats around you by switching screens and cameras.
  • Tango contacts automatically populated
  • Seamlessly switch between audio only or video only calling,

 Video about Tango.me http://tango.me/images/home-video/index.html

Put Ubuntu Release Candidate on Test – Version 10.10

Just spent some time installing the New RC edition of Ubuntu 10.10 also known as Maverick Meerkat. First thing that impressed me is the installation which took just 10 minutes, after giving some basic information and creating a standard user along with the system name.

I installed it on Vmware platform with only 512 mb of memory and 20 GB virtual disk space.

Installing Ubuntu on VMware Player

The system runs very smooth on such less configuration, the amazing thing even after the full install only 2.5 GB of disk space is utilized.    Continue reading “Put Ubuntu Release Candidate on Test – Version 10.10”